Thursday, 27 January 2011

"we losing culture to the P3t3 vulture'- Wanluv the Kubolor

I was watching the insightful ITV programme where Sir Trevor Mcdonald travels round the carribean.

His trip to cuba showed a side that all these other documentaries and travel blogs I have read have been unable to portray.

Anyway he ends up in his country of birth Trinidad and the revelation that playing the steel pan is part of their curriculim got me thinking about school in Ghana.

Now reading a book about our drums and traditional instruments is one thing but I can't recall a time where it is actually taught so I think we need to emerse the youth in our culture so it doesn't stay in the social studies books.(picture courtesy of rebirth africa)

Drums for playing and not just decorations in out living rooms I say. I have a mini tumpan drum which I beat on but shamefully cannot play. This should be second nature to us.

Best I put in a call to the minister of education in Ghana. Would helo if I knew who he/she was... :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Black hole

My blog has now officially entered a vacuum... sucked into a black void of nothingness!!

I have the inspiration just not the will but I need to press on so I hereby declare to make an effort to blog at least once a month!!

A very happy new year to you all (as belated as it is) but better late than never huh.

Stay tuned. xx

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Boom Boom Pow!!!

So it seems like there is a baby boom around contrary to what the economy’s statistics say. This may be because I am at the age where my peers are getting married and having kids and all that but it still seems kinda sudden.

Anyhoo this brings me to yet another US import- Baby Showers!! I have now been to a total of 5 and counting woo hoo. Two have been within the last 3 weeks and have been thoroughly enjoyable. One was a mixed/ co-ed baby shower and was quite grand marquee and all sorts with loads of food and drink and games which the guys participated in willingly :). Good fun, good people good times and my friend is expecting twins (double blessing)!! I was a bit sceptical of baby showers to begin with I was a bit like hmmm can we wait till the babies get here safely and then celebrate but now that I have been to a few more I have taken to the concept a bit more… good people come together to celebrate what is to come and the mother to be gets a few pressies for the baby no harm there at all!

Now the second shower was last weekend and was supposed to be a surprise one but hormones don’t sometime give way for surprises. Mum to be wasn’t feeling too great and was not stepping out the house for no one!!! But alls well that ends well since she didn’t know who was coming and was pleasantly surprised all the same!! Now this one was for the ladies only and was a nice chilled intimate affair with games and food and gifts’ opening with lots of awwwwwwwwwwwws from us all. What is it with babies that make women turn to mush???????

The moral of the story is baby showers are not such a bad concept and no mother to be expects anyone to buy the cots and buggies for them (would be nice though, I definitely wouldn’t say no if I was preggers cos them lil things are expensive!!) so a small gift to help a friend along the way goes a long way. Big or small, ladies only or mixed it’s the thought process behind to celebrate what is to come and not a jinx at all :)

Popping up soon in a home near you in Ghana hahaxx

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wow!!!! Its been forever and a day since I put anything up. I'm slowly realising that maybe..just maybe my blog can't be exclusively for poetry (well it could be but I've got writers block) - more like no time to write really theres a few things ive jotted down that needs to go on here so im on it soon peeps. Honestly though I think the real reason is my inspiration comes from dark times in my life but these are good times so my juices are less inclined to flow....

In the meantime theres a whole heap of stuff happening in my life which I suppose I could blog about so I will give it a go.

My friend from uni is getting married this weekend and its the first time I'm gonna be a bridesmaid so that excites me!!! We might be doing the thriller dance - not so exciting cos im crap!!!:( Will put some pics up after the eventxx

ps soon some some poetry

Saturday, 27 December 2008


I awake feeling blessed but this quickly turns into obsessive stress

I breathe you feel you my only escape is sleep... I must rest

Wait and hope you come back to caress my breast, which lays here on my heavy laden chest

I wear my love like a high school crest

If you dont believe me put it to the test

There is just one thing I have to confess...

You're my latest love conquest and the very best

Now I know this information may cause you to detest

Prevent you from coming back to this here love nest

So I turn into this heavy eyed weary soul... I know not if I will survive this trial

These here are the tribulations I'm ever yours

I strive to continue it's just the cause.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


It's cos of you I can't cope
It's cos of you i'm here high as a kite and smoking dope
You've got me sweating like i'm wearing a coat in the heart of I can't cope
It's cos of you I feel like this, get off your high horse and give me a kiss
It's cos of you i'm drowning in my own skin
I'm a black woman who crossed the high seas and can't even swim
It's cos of you I can't commit
I take a shit in the same place I spit
It's cos of you I'm confused
Dont get it twisted i'm like a bulb lit up without a fuse
It's cos of you i'm in a divide.. baby move over I think you're a swine.