Saturday, 27 December 2008


I awake feeling blessed but this quickly turns into obsessive stress

I breathe you feel you my only escape is sleep... I must rest

Wait and hope you come back to caress my breast, which lays here on my heavy laden chest

I wear my love like a high school crest

If you dont believe me put it to the test

There is just one thing I have to confess...

You're my latest love conquest and the very best

Now I know this information may cause you to detest

Prevent you from coming back to this here love nest

So I turn into this heavy eyed weary soul... I know not if I will survive this trial

These here are the tribulations I'm ever yours

I strive to continue it's just the cause.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


It's cos of you I can't cope
It's cos of you i'm here high as a kite and smoking dope
You've got me sweating like i'm wearing a coat in the heart of I can't cope
It's cos of you I feel like this, get off your high horse and give me a kiss
It's cos of you i'm drowning in my own skin
I'm a black woman who crossed the high seas and can't even swim
It's cos of you I can't commit
I take a shit in the same place I spit
It's cos of you I'm confused
Dont get it twisted i'm like a bulb lit up without a fuse
It's cos of you i'm in a divide.. baby move over I think you're a swine.