Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wow!!!! Its been forever and a day since I put anything up. I'm slowly realising that maybe..just maybe my blog can't be exclusively for poetry (well it could be but I've got writers block) - more like no time to write really theres a few things ive jotted down that needs to go on here so im on it soon peeps. Honestly though I think the real reason is my inspiration comes from dark times in my life but these are good times so my juices are less inclined to flow....

In the meantime theres a whole heap of stuff happening in my life which I suppose I could blog about so I will give it a go.

My friend from uni is getting married this weekend and its the first time I'm gonna be a bridesmaid so that excites me!!! We might be doing the thriller dance - not so exciting cos im crap!!!:( Will put some pics up after the eventxx

ps soon some some poetry